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Ryan Alter's mission is to approach every real estate transaction with unparalleled marketing standards, and the highest ethical, professional, and quality customer service possible. He uses strong negotiation tactics and next-level marketing to help his clients get the best possible outcome for their real estate transactions. His marketing plan of action allows for a fast sale, his team facilitates an easy hassle-free transaction, and his negotiation skills equal more money for his client's bottom line.

Over the past 17 years, he has helped his clients complete many types of real estate transactions including residential listings and sales, short-sales, REO, HUD, investment properties, 1031 exchanges, land, and commercial listings, leases, and sales. Ryan is licensed to sell real estate in California as well as Nevada, and is connected to multiple networks of the most highly trained real estate agents in North America and around the world to attract relocation buyers for his clients.

Ryan is a proud Bay Area native growing up in the Santa Clara Valley. He graduated from Menlo College with a Bachelors Degree, specializing in Marketing, and he gives back to his community by serving on the Professional Standards Committee for the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) as an advocate for consumer and professional disputes and also serves as a Director with the California Association of Realtors (CAR). ​ Ryan is a member of the California and National Association of Realtors, Commercial Brokers Association, and CCIM of Northern Nevada.


Ryan Alter from Intero did an outstanding job selling my house in Pacific Grove in November of 2015. ​ He came recommended by one of our friends in real estate who we asked to find an efficient seller’s agent. ​ Ryan is very thorough and knowledgeable, he provides frequent communication on progress or any issues, and is indeed very efficient through the whole process, eager to help in any way possible. ​ House got sold in 45 days from the opening night to the closing day. ​ Ryan’s reputation is well earned!

Andrey B. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Seller Representation

Ryan is great to work with and I highly recommend him. ​ If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, please give him a call. ​ I first got in touch with Ryan late in 2014, when it looked like I might have to sell my house during the divorce process. ​ He hooked me up with a loan officer who got me a refi (in the middle of divorce proceedings yet) and I didn't have to sell. ​ Earlier this year, I considered downsizing to a smaller house and Ryan came up with many options that were within my price range. ​ He didn't try to up-sell me to more expensive properties that were beyond my means. ​ He also researched properties that I found on my own. ​ He quickly responded to any inquiry I had. ​ Ultimately, I increased my income (by drawing my CSJ pension and starting a new job) and decided to stay in the current house. ​ So, even though I ended up not buying or selling a home, I can restate that I highly recommend Ryan and will work with him when the time is finally right for me to move.

Wayne C. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Making Informed Decisions

After successfully completing both a commercial and residential real estate transaction in the San Francisco Bay Area, I'm writing to strongly recommend Ryan Alter for any prospective client considering him as their agent. ​ Ryan was consistently professional, highly responsive, and minutely aware of our needs as he worked tirelessly on our companies behalf. ​ Originally a New York based company with only passing knowledge of the Bay Area, Joyride Coffee has unique needs, which Ryan worked to understand and accommodate for in ways we could not have anticipated. ​ Ryan not only helped us locate and secure the perfect facility in which to conduct our operations, but he also found the perfect residential location. ​ The residential location was within a close proximity to the warehouse, which allowed for a timesaving reduction in our daily commute and flexibility in our operations. ​ Ryan was also extremely responsive to multiple emails, most of which were very time sensitive, and often worked around the clock to ensure everything on his end was taken care of. ​ He did research so we didn't have to, and he diligently followed up when ever the need arose. ​ He also spoke on our behalf with potential landlords, negotiating in our favor on cost and convenience in the lease, going above and beyond our expectations. ​ He also was a de-stressing force in our search process since we were operating mostly from New York, he served as our "boots on the ground" and successfully helped assuage any of our fears on the time sensitive nature of closing our lease. ​ Not only that, but Ryan was willing to help us network in our new city, introducing us to prospective clients and working on our behalf outside the real estate capacity. ​ Our overall experience with Ryan was fantastic and I would tap him again in a heartbeat for anything real estate related in the Bay Area. ​ On behalf of Joyride Coffee, I can say that we are all extremely thankful for his service, professionalism, and drive.

Paul T., COO, Joyride Coffee Distributors ​ ​ |Commercial Lease Representation

When my husband and I finally decided to purchase a home, we didn’t have a realtor but understood the need of having someone experienced on our side. ​ I’d be lying if I said we didn’t shop around, because Ryan was actually the 5th realtor we spoke to before we knew he was our guy. ​ He came highly recommended by my husband’s colleague and we can understand why. ​ After a couple phone calls and email exchanges, we felt confident that he would look out for our best interest and was genuinely interested in helping us find a home for our family. ​ Throughout the process, he was professional yet personable, noticed the small details, knew the market very well and was patient in explaining everything to us. Ryan was able to leverage his connections with realtors in the area to find out details about the properties we were interested in to vet whether it was a good fit for us. ​ When we finally decided on a home, he worked with us on a strategy to position ourselves as best as possible. ​ Even within the extremely competitive market, we got our very first offer accepted by sellers that received multiple offers, some even higher than ours! ​ Throughout the process, we ran into some issues with the lender we chose prior to meeting Ryan but he was there for us and provided any guidance and support we needed. ​ He was calm and collected, which rubbed off on us during several occasions, putting things in perspective. ​ We’ve been in our beautiful home for a month now and looking back, we could not have done this without Ryan’s expertise. ​ He was amazing to work with and we wholeheartedly recommend him without any reservations.

Adrienne & Hector G. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Buyer Representation

I would highly recommend Ryan Alter as a Realtor based on his thoroughness, ethics, and communication skills. ​ When my sisters and I needed to list my deceased father's condo in Gilroy, Ryan was recommended to us. ​ I'm glad he was. ​ The condo was in a trust and none of the trustees lived in the same state. ​ Because of this, we had to depend on Ryan to do the majority of the work without much guidance. ​ He did a great job getting the condo ready for sale, putting together a marketing plan, showing the property, and making sure all the paperwork was in order. ​ Ryan diligently walked us through all the phases and communicated well with all three of the trustees as we completed the necessary paperwork. ​ Even though the sale was complicated, it happened quickly, and more importantly, without a hitch. ​ Ryan is a hardworking and knowledgeable Relator. ​ I am happy with the sale of my father's condo and think that he will be a great choice if you are in the market for a Realtor.

Amy M. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Trustee Sale, Seller Representation

I just bought a four unit complex and I just wanted you to know what an outstanding job Ryan Alter did for me. ​ He was the most through, on time, intelligent, professional real estate person I've ever known. ​ I can't tell you how impressed I was with him. ​ It was truly a pleasure doing business with him and Intero Real Estate, both of which I will continue to use and recommend to all my friends and family. ​ Thanks!

Captain Kurt H. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Multi-Family Residential, Buyer Representation

It brings me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Ryan. ​ I have worked with Ryan for the past 6 months and I simply can't say enough positive things about Ryan and his handling of the sale of a commercial property I owned. ​ Ryan is conscientious, polite beyond words, his professionalism is beyond reproach, and his communication skills are amazing. ​ Honestly, I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Ryan. ​ I highly recommend Ryan as your Real Estate Agent. ​ His knowledge and ability to work with buyers will be your best asset in selling your property weather you are selling your home or your commercial property. ​ I have been in the real estate business for over 40 years so I know what needs to be done and how difficult it can be in today's market. ​ Therefore, maximum your results by retaining the best real estate agent you will ever find. ​ I would be more than happy to discuss this further with you. ​ Please don't hesitate to call me.

Debbie M. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Commercial Seller Representation

For most of us, selecting a Realtor is a random assignment but it really should not be taken lightly. ​ Ryan "randomly" was selected to sell my first home in Gilroy in the early 2000's, and it was by random coincidence that we found him at Intero when we were prepared to buy. ​ I can't stress enough how important it is to have a Realtor that pays attention to detail. ​ We did not give Ryan an easy challenge. ​ He stayed in the forefront of a HUD property we were interested in and got us the sale, even though we were not the first or highest bid. ​ The level of follow-up Ryan had to endure from a tedious process was so telling of his dedication to his clients; it was impossible at times and very frustrating to work with the other seller's agent and if it wasn't for Ryan's expertise, attention to detail (and he found/fixed a lot of their errors), I would be the customer on the losing end. ​ We highly recommend Ryan for all that he brings in the real estate relationship. ​ He knows the market, he is respected by others and I could always trust that he followed every little detail that could otherwise derail the escrow of property we wanted. ​ You can trust this agent. ​ Feel free to contact me should you have any questions in your decision to select Ryan to either list or find your next home purchase.

Karen G. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Repeat Client, Seller & Buyer Representation

I am writing today to commend Ryan Alter. ​ Ryan provided me with fantastic, consistent, and compassionate service regarding my recent short-sale in Morgan Hill. ​ He was the epitome of patience and understanding; he was professional, caring, and through in every way possible. ​ As a person who holds a real estate license myself, I am somewhat familiar with the process and challenges involved. ​ Since this sale happened to follow a recent marital separation and a home that I resided in for over 23 years, it was a very emotional experience for me personally. ​ It was also challenging from an agents perspective as the mediator of the personal issues as well as the formal legal issues. ​ Ryan in my opinion couldn't have been more supportive, I can tell you from a personal level that, personalities aside, this was not an "easy" client relationship. ​ Ryan did an amazing job of orchestrating, obtaining signatures, scheduling the communications, and reaching a level of patience that bogs the mind. ​ He was a master as smoothing ruffled feathers that were already embedded with the participants far prior to this activity and his involvement. ​ He did a better job than I could have ever imagined... Heck in my opinion he did a better job than "anyone" could have expected. ​ I am not one to sign papers without going through them with a fine tooth comb. ​ Ryan knows the material intimately and completely prepared to (and does), share the purpose of each document and its intent. ​ After going through several cycles of this, I found myself just asking him to share the most pertinent stuff and point to where I should sign. ​ That is how much I grew to trust Ryan's position and his concern for my wellbeing and comfort with this process. ​ The resulting solution and sale of my home (difficult as it was), turned out, from a financial perspective better than I could have expected given all the circumstances surrounding the project. ​ Again, an example of Ryan looking out for his clients and pushing for the best he could achieve for them. ​ I do own other property at this time and I can tell you most seriously that I would not do Real Estate business with anyone but Ryan in the future. ​ I have already engaged his informational support for friends and family and I would never hesitate to recommend him most highly to anyone who is in need of a wonderful, wholesome, trustworthy, knowledgable, and genuine agent to represent them. ​ Thanks for all you've done, I am forever grateful.

Cathy D. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Short Sale, Seller Representation

First of all, I would like to thank Intero for providing me with a very good service with my new home purchase. ​ I moved into my new home located in Morgan Hill last week successfully! ​ I would like to recognize and thank Ryan Alter's great efforts. ​ Without Ryan's help, I could have not done much better than this. ​ I really appreciate Ryan's dedicated assistance and his very professional manner and attitude. ​ I can recall the first time I met Ryan at Intero, I was shocked by his young age. ​ However, he preformed very outstanding. ​ I had bought a condo in San Jose and one house in Salinas. ​ Both properties have been sold. ​ I also met many different Realtor's when I went to open houses. ​ Ryan was just as good, if not better than those other Realtor's I dealt with. ​ Particularly, Ryan had ambition and enthusiasm, a lot of Realtor's were lacking. ​ He as calm and easy to work with. ​ Ryan also was very positive when he spoke. ​ He explained the forms and answered my questions very well and clear. ​ Ryan helped me with price negotiations professionally. ​ He made my home purchase very easy and smooth. ​ Ryan is going to be a great asset to Intero.

Sophia S. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Buyer Representation

We were referred to Ryan from a close friend and co-worker of mine. We were not sure of what we could afford and Ryan was quick to set us up with a loan agent. As it turned out, we decided to wait a while more so we can save more for a down payment. When I told Ryan that we really weren’t ready to buy anything at this time he immediately made me feel good about our decision to wait. He even said it was a smart decision and he respects us for making this difficult decision. I love the honesty and genuine concern he has for us and we know when our time is right, we will call on Ryan again. He will go far in his career Lisa and Todd J

Lisa and Todd J. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Buyer Representation

After having been a Realtor for over 17 years, I returned to aviation as a professional pilot. I was also in the market for a home and, normally, would have represented myself. In my new job as a pilot, I did not have the time to handle the intricacies of a complicated real estate negotiation. I have known Ryan since he started in real estate, and he is the only Realtor I know that is up to my standards and that I could trust handling the purchase and negotiation of my home. Thanks to his outstanding negotiation skills, we were able to get our home $25,000 under list price. This is very unusual in today's market. Additionally, every disclosure and communication were delivered on time. Ryan’s organization skills and impeccable communication made this a very smooth transaction. I highly recommend Ryan for any type of real estate transaction.

Robert & Carmen. ​ ​ | ​ ​ Buyer Representation


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